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  • Yealink BH72TEAMS
  • ✅ GTW YEALINK HEADSET BUNDLE: Yealink BH72 Wireless Bluetooth Headset UC, Charging Stand, USB-A (Black), and Global Teck Microfiber Cloth
  • ✅ CONNECTIVITY: The wireless work headset can easily connect with your computer and mobile devices through USB-A/USB-C Bluetooth adapter or built-in Bluetooth, making it suitable for use as a phone headset for cell phones, computers, and laptops.
  • ✅ COVERAGE: Enjoy up to 30m/Up to 100ft coverage with the Yealink Bluetooth Headset wireless headphones with mic, providing hassle-free handsfree headset mobility and flexibility for a variety of workspaces.
  • ✅ SOUND QUALITY: The Yealink Acoustic Shield Technology ensures superior sound quality with its two Microphones built into the BH72 Bluetooth headset with a microphone. It blocks out background noise and delivers crystal-clear calls on your headset.
  • ✅ FEATURES: The Yealink BH72 Wireless Bluetooth office headset with a microphone comes with a long battery life, offering talking time up to 35 hours, standby time up to 112 hours, and up to 40 hours wireless battery life.

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