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NuvoTECH  expertise in:  Voice Over IP  Telecom Solutions
 CCTV Security Camera Systems Solutions 
 IT Network Solutions
We are Selling or leasing complete professional office telephone system.Voice over IP .Includes the best of class : Unlimited number of extensions,
Optional: receptionist console, conferencing unit and phones.
Quantities and models of phones vary - we can accommodate any
needs and scenarios (office set-up, teleworking, mobile applications etc.).
ALL possible features and functions, like Auto-Attendant, Voice-Mail etc.
Price will depend on the final configuration.
Professionally installed and supported.
Flexible terms and Best service.

as well as  IT Network Solutions offers a comprehensive set of voice and data solutions developed by a team of engineers with solid experience.  We understand that your computer network is a vital element of your business.  In this technology-oriented day and age, your enterprise is only as strong as the computer infrastructure that upholds it.  As more and more businesses reply on their voice and data communication networks, the availability, reliability, expandability and security of the network becomes mission-critical elements of your operation and are essential to your professional image and customer relationship.  With IT Network Solutions, your network becomes an outstanding business asset.  A properly designed and well maintained communication network means enhanced efficiency, increased productivity, less stress, and dramatically decreased downtime.

We provide companies with the innovative computer network  infrastructure design to facilitate optimum performance and availability.  The benefits gained by our solutions designed by our certified engineers make a fundamental difference in the way your computer network operates.

Full IP Security System Solutions for Business from Business 

Now you can choose an IP Security System that freely adapts to your business needs. 

NuvoTECH  provides a full range of  IP systems with the latest H.265 compression technology. This combines  IP cameras: box, bullet, dome, PTZ; stand-alone recorders (NVR) and software that can manage the whole surveillance system, easily.Every part of our IP system can also be secured against cyber threats. Spoofing (false data), snooping (stealing passwords), video tampering and altering (changing images) are all taken care of with CCTV cyber security technology.Our system has full scalability, too. Everything from a few cameras to thousands of devices can be managed and adapted, for every scenario or exact customer need. NuvoTECH IP cameras offer unique value, especially in outdoor applications. They’re designed and built to operate in the most extreme conditions, 24/7, using our latest technology such as:                  De-humidification devices for prolonged camera longevity, keeping internal moisture levels low,preventing condensation and quickly dissipating any condensation that forms.Anti-salt air corrosion protection – ideal for coastal operation. ClearSight coating, preventing water droplets from covering the dome, ensuring the camera view remains unobstructed. In addition,the self-purification effect of hydrophilic materials eliminates dirt and dust collected on the dome cover.This coating can last up to 7 years. And for ease of installation, there’s a touchable version, too. And all  IP cameras and NVRs are ONVIF compatible.