Small Office PBX VoIP Telephony System


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 Office PBX VoIP IP Phone System with  Yealink T43U IP phones

if you would like to discus  more details about your business requirement and the installation  please CONTACT US  

    • This S-100 IP Phone System Advanced Pack is Server-Based but the same Advanced Pack can also be Cloud-Based when used with our Z Cloud-Based IP phone systems. Please contact us if interested in Cloud-Based systems.
    • The S-100 server  IP Phone System supports up to 20 simultaneous conversations (incoming and/or outgoing Calls) and up to 50 extensions. The S-100 server comes with 2 Year software and hardware warranty.
    • This IP Phone System Advanced Pack Includes 2 months of VoIP service for 4 Lines, simultaneous conversations. After the initial 2 months of included service, pay $50 for the first 2 lines and $25 for each additional line. Unlimited calls anywhere in US and Canada.
    • No contract required. Cancel anytime – no penalties. Port your existing number or we can assign a new number for your business. Guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction. Canada-Based sales and support and a 30-day 100% money back, 
    • The Advanced Pack includes all features at no additional cost - features like voicemail to email, Multi-Layer auto attendant, flexible ring groups, directory assistance, are just a few of the popular standard features.
    • Call recording of calls (all calls or per-call) is available with a one time license fee.
    • Soft phone (using cell phone App) extensions - any cell phone can be used as an extension of the S-100 server at no additional monthly fee. Work Remotely from Home or a remote location, the Cell Phone extensions (as well as the Advanced Pack extensions) will work anywhere they are located and function accordingly and flawlessly.

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