Fanvil V67 Smart Android Video IP telephone


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Fanvil V67 Smart Android Video IP telephone

Fanvil V67 Smart Android Video IP telephone  20 SIP Lines- 2x Gigabit Ethernet, Biult-in

Bluetooth 8.0 and 2.4/5Ghz WiFi ,112 DSS Keys , 7 inch tri-color screen 

20 SIP lines, SIP Hotspot.

  • HD audio and HD video (1080P @ 30fps)
  • Three-way video conferencing.
  • 112 one-touch DSS keys on 7” capacity color touch screen.
  • Adjustable touch screen ranging from 0°to 40°
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 and 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi.
  • Dual Gigabit ports, integrated PoE. 

Fanvil V67 Smart Android Video IP telephone

The V67 Video Phone runs on the Android 9.0 OS and has built-in applications such as File, Calendar, and more. It also allows the ability for users to add third-party applications. The V67 supports HD Voice and HD Video so that your video conferencing meetings are as life-like as possible.

V67 is more than an efficient telephone but also a delicate work of art, which provides a more intelligent and elegant office operation experience for executives, managers, and teleworkers. With a brand new design, V67 features an adjustable touch screen and a keypad with a colorful light effect that improves the beauty and comfort of the office desktop.

Antibacterial Surface
The shell of the handset and keypad is made of antibacterial material, which can effectively protect against bacteria. It is safer and more hygienic, ensuring the life and health of users.

Adjustable Big Screen, Enjoy your View
The 7-Inch touch color screen with high resolution (1024x600) can be adjusted according o the needs of environments an angles of the scene, bringing the ultimate visual experience.
Fanvil V67 VOIP Office Phone IP telephone  20 SIP Lines Business  Phone
Cool Lightning Collor, Show off your Keypad
Inspired by the interior of high-end cars, the keypad features RGB LED lights that can be personalized. V67 makes us work pleasanly and greatly improves our work efficiency.

Crystal Crear Audio, Hear Every Detail
V67 supports wideband audio codec Opu and G. 722, and it is coupled with the Noise Reduction technologies and Full-duplex AEC, which brings an immersive listening experience.

High Definition Video, Catch Every Detail
V67 has a built-in 5 Mega-pixel HD Camera (supporting privacy cover). It supports video codec H. 264 and 1080P, two-way video call, and brings the premium office experience.

Built-in WI-Fi and Bluetooth, Move Your Office
V67 supports 10-party audio conferences or 3-party video conferencing. Built-in 2.4G /5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, it brings a wireless office experience.

Android 9.0 OS, Support More Possibilities
Based on the Android 9.0 operating system, V67 provides a comprehensive SDK to meet the customization needs of industry applications and secondary development.

Available to Link with Security Products
Compatible with IP standards and major mainstream platforms, V67 can be easily customized into various solutions for reducing investment.


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