VoIP Paging Devices - Algo 8201


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VoIP Paging Devices - Algo 8201

Algo 8201


8201PoE SIP Intercom, weatherproof all-in-one design can be surface or flush mounted. Outdoor-rated plastic enclosure, stainless steel face plate.

Wideband IP intercom for two-way communication for secure door or gate entry

VoIP Paging Devices - Algo 8201

The 8201 SIP PoE Intercom is an IP doorphone for hands-free visitor communication at a secure entrance door or gate, access point, and room intercom applications. This IP intercom / doorphone is outdoor-rated, and is also a fully compliant 3rd party SIP endpoint. As a result, the 8201 is compatible with most hosted / cloud and premise-based VoIP telephone systems.

The 8201 SIP PoE Intercom is UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified. A surface mount bracket is included for wall mounting, however, the intercom station can be flush mounted into a double gang box.


VoIP Paging Devices - Algo 8201

Wideband Audio for Optimum Speech Clarity

The 8201 SIP PoE Intercom supports Wideband G.722 codec (HD Voice) for optimum speech clarity and intelligibility. This IP intercom delivers reliable voice communication for building entry or access point communication with visitors and guests. The 8201 is also suitable for room intercom applications.

Integrated IP Intercom Door Control Relay

For user convenience, the 8201 IP intercom allows door unlock control activated by a telephone key press from the answering or calling device. This requires a relay from the optional 8063 IP Door Controller, which can be securely located away from the public facing intercom. Alternatively, an internal relay on the 8201 is available for door control where the entrance is a lower security risk.

Simple & Intuitive Web GUI

Installation and configuration are via a simple intuitive web interface, however, the 8201 also supports centralized provisioning. Before the device is registered with a SIP server, a simple press of the 8201 intercom call button when connected to the network will “speak” the IP address of the device. This time saving feature results in efficient registration and configuration via a simple and intuitive web browser GUI. Algo’s Network Device Locator is also available as a tool for obtaining an IP address for a device.

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