Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer


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Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer

IP Loud Ringer, Voice Paging & Audio Alerting PoE Speaker

Algo 8180 is a wideband SIP-compliant IP loudspeaker for voice paging and customizable loud ring alerting

If your system will support a SIP IP  Telephone, it will support the Algo 8180 IP Loudspeaker -


In some organizations, IP telephones alone are not enough.

Common areas indoors and out may require voice paging, loud ringing,  and visual alerting and may also have the need to secure an entrance with an intercom or  video intercom.

 To meet this need, more and more businesses utilize a  combination of Algo SIP devices including

Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer

;  a Voice over IP Wideband PoE speaker featuring SIP extensions for voice paging and notification capability, with support for multiple ring (5) extensions and a page extension.

Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer is interoperable with almost any IP-PBX system, ITSP, or hosted Communication Server  that can utilize 3rd party SIP endpoints. If your phone system supports SIP IP telephones like Polycom, Cisco, snom, Yealink, and most any other, then it will support the Algo  8180.

The Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer is configured as a third party SIP endpoint compatible with leading premise or hosted UC providers including Avaya, Broadsoft, Cisco, Digium Asterisk, Metaswitch, Mitel, and more. 

An Algo 8180 IP Paging and SIP Loud Ringer speaker deployment is independent of an IP telephone, meaning, no phone is necessary,

as the Algo 8180 registers itself to the voice system or provider, so is simply added to a hunt group,  ring group, or called directly. 

Built-in support for multicast can also reduce the need for additional phone system SIP licenses or SIP ports. Because the Algo 8180 can  be configured to multicast to any quantity and mix of Algo speakers, Algo strobes and/or Algo paging adapters as required (e.g. Algo 8128, 8180, 8186, 8188, 8201, 8301, 8373), this cost effective solution provides scalablity while providing multiple methods of notification and  communication. 

For multicast page applications, zoned paging is also supported thereby enhancing highly customized functionality. 

Algo 8180 is a wideband SIP-compliant IP loudspeaker for voice paging and customizable loud ring alerting

Algo speakers are well suited for both general paging and emergency notification inside the office, throughout a manufacturing/plant/warehouse, energy/utility, education, machine shop/garage, parking lot/yard, farm, etc. Wideband HD Audio capability is helpful in meeting OSHA requirements as well as the NEMA SB-40 2010 standard for emergency communication in education.  Wideband HD Audio is simply easier to understand announcements and messages; intelligibility is a key benefit to Wideband audio because audio is cleaner, more clear, and has more tone than the old style traditional phone and paging systems.

The integrated microphone enables talkback (two-way communication) and can monitor ambient noise to automatically increase page volume when necessary. This feature enables a consistent ratio of page to ambient noise level without being unnecessarily loud.

Custom WAV file(s) may also be uploaded for various puposes to demand attention before speaking the page or as a loud ringer tone. 

The 8180 SIP Speaker is supported indoors only, but can be utilized outdoors by adding an external Algo 1186 or Arktel 1195/1185M weatherproof speaker.  When connecting an outdoor speaker to the Algo 8180, the internal speaker is automatically disabled. An optional Arktel AR26LP PoE LED strobe or Algo 1126 strobe light can be connected to the Algo 8180's relay port.  Once deployed, the 8180 is easily managed using an intuitive web interface or supports auto-provisioning for minimal touch configuration. Volume can also be adjusted through the Web GUI as needed to suit the environment.


8180 Benefits

  • Provides loud ringing and paging for both single location and multi-location facilities or campuses
  • Superb audio clarity and intelligibility
  • Network managed SIP and multicast endpoint
  • PoE for plug and play network connectivity
  • Eliminates narrowband FXS port or ATA
  • Multicast capability for scalability from one to many
  • Suitable for indoor environments
  • Wall or Ceiling Mountable using included bracket

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