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  • Internet Telephony PBX System - IPX-2500 - Planet
  • 500 User Asterisk base Advance IP PBX with 2-expandable PCI interface slots(FXO/GSM/ISDN), 500GB/HDD, IETF SIP/IAX2, T.38 FoIP, TLS/SRTP, IP Stackable, High Availability ,VPN, TR069, IPv6, SNMP and up to 100 concurrent calls

    Intuitive, Ease-of-Use IP PBX Machine Management 
    PLANET IPX-2500 IP PBX telephony system is SIP-based for optimizing communications among the small and medium businesses. 

    Intuitive, Ease-of-Use IP PBX Management 

    PLANET next-generation IPX-2500 IP PBX telephony system is easy to set up and manage thanks to a perceptive web-based user interface and quick setup wizard. Since it is an Asterisk-based equipment, the entire benefits of the pre-loaded SIP can be had as any other enterprise-level appliance would come equipped with the feature. The IPX-2500 is able to accept 500 user registrations, and easy to manage a full voice over IP system with the convenience and cost advantages. The equipment is best paired with PLANET color IP phones to get the function going smoothly and to have a seamless connection between the software and hardware.

    Extension User
    Concurrent Call
    Conference Room
    Room Concurrent Call
    600 hrs (.gsm)
    66 hrs (.wav)
    600 hrs (.gsm)
    66 hrs (.wav)
    1,500 hrs (.gsm)
    150 hrs (.wav)
    75,000 hrs (.gsm)
    7,500 hrs (.wav)


    Off-net Calling Capability, Call Restriction, Call Access Control
    The IPX-2500 integrates up to 8 calls via the IPX-21FO (4 FXO) and IPX-21GS (4 GSM) modules to form a feature-rich PBX system that supports seamless communications between the existing PSTN calls, analog, IP phones and SIP-based endpoints.

    Replacing Old PBX Easily without New Wiring
    Cost-effective, easy-to-install and simple-to-use, the IPX-2500 converts standard telephones to IP-based networks. It enables the service providers and enterprises to offer users traditional and enhanced telephony communication services via the existing broadband connection to the Internet or corporation network.

    With the IPX-2500, home users and companies are able to save the installation cost and extend their past investments in telephones, conferences and speakerphones. The IPX-2500 can be the bridge between traditional analog systems and IP network with an extremely affordable investment.

    Distributed VoIP Network Infrastructure
    For the new-generation communication age, the IPX-2500 supports IPv6 and VPN (client/server) connection to provide users with more flexible and advantageous communications products. With PLANET DDNS function, the IPX-2500 also helps users to apply and remember the login information easier. Moreover, its multiple language feature helps user to quickly and friendly manage the system. The IPX-2500 supports Lync server to which smart phone (using third-party app) and analog phone are connected via its communication with other devices of Lync server.


    Standard Compliance
    Compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261), the IPX-2500 is able to broadly interoperate with equipment provided by VoIP infrastructure providers, thus enabling them to provide their customers with better multi-media exchange services.

    Green IP Office
    Virtual fax functionality on IPX-2500 system allows faxes to be sent and received without requiring a fax machine. This useful feature will allow businesses to demonstrate their green credentials while at the same time reduce fax related costs across the enterprise. Inbound faxes can be automatically received and converted to TIF files and saved in the IPX-2500 system. It is also possible to configure the IPX-2500 system to send the TIF files to a user’s email box. Sending outbound faxes is as easy as uploading a file from the extension user web portal, thus creating a paperless or green office.

    Full Security with VPN Support
    The IPX-2500 VPN securely and cost-effectively connects geographically disparate offices of an organization, creating one cohesive virtual network. The IPX-2500 VPN technology is also used by ordinary Internet users to connect to proxy servers for the purpose of protecting one's identity. It includes VPN server and client function that can support users’ full security login.





    The IPX-2500 provides the essential features you need for business-class voice communications in an easy-to-manage solution. Designed for medium-sized businesses with branch offices, the IPX-2500 voice, conferencing, mobility, voice gateway, and IP PBX services are created on a single appliance.

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