Crimping Tool, Cutting Striping Networking for 8P8C/rj45


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Crimping Tool,  Cutting Striping Networking for 8P8C/rj45

Crimping Tool, Modular Crimper, Cutting Striping Networking Wire Tool for 8P8C/rj45

Product Description


1. High quality, high assurance.

2. Portable style with perfect shape.

3. For cuts, strips and crimps.

4. Suitable for 8P8C/rj45.

5. With closed lock for stored, use on stranded wire only.


Color: Red

Package Weight: 304g


1. Squeeze handles and open the lock.

2. Cut he modular cable to the desired length. Make certain that the end are cut squarely, not diagonally.

3. Insert flat cable between stripper blades. Squeeze handles, cable must be keep perpendicular and then pull from the tool.

4. Use the product to strip round cable, insert the stripped cable into the stripping hole and then turn the cable.

5. Remove the outer jacket, insert the stripped cable into the plug, make sure the left wire at one end matches the right wire at the other end.

6. Place modular plug with cable into the tool's holder. Make sure the stripper wire is between the tab and gold contacts. Squeeze handles until it stops.

Package List:

1 x Modular Crimping Tool


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