Cisco CP-6825-3PC-BUN-NA Cisco IP DECT Bndl Hdst


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Cisco CP-6825-3PC-BUN-NA Cisco IP DECT Bndl Hdst

The Cisco IP DECT 6823 and Cisco IP DECT 6825 Handsets are designed for use with the Cisco IP DECT DBS-110 Single-Cell Base Station, Cisco IP DECT DBS-210 Multi-Cell Base Station and Cisco IP DECT Phone RPT-110 Repeater. Together, these products enable the convenience of a mobile DECT solution for Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. The Cisco IP DECT 6800 Series supports many phone numbers and handsets in a system that can grow from a small store front to cover the largest locations by adding more base stations and repeaters to the network.

Cisco Cordless phone

Installing the system is straightforward in most locations: please consult the deployment guide, which offers best practices for a successful deployment. Each handset comes with a site survey tool that provides a graphical green, yellow or red indicator of signal strength throughout the workplace. Base stations and repeaters may be wall or surface mounted with an optional mounting kit or set up to stand on a table or shelf with an footstand included in each gift box. Each handset supports one or two lines and systems may be installed to enable a few, dozens or hundreds of handsets.

The CP-6823 and CP -6825 handsets have a sleek, comfortable design that clips to a belt or fits easily into a user’s pocket as they move about the workplace. The high resolution, graphical color display provides an intuitive user experience: calls may be answered quickly and features such as transfer, conference and hold may be activated with confidence. Each handset supports wide band audio, long talk time in an attractively priced, high performance system. There is also a ruggedized version of the 6825 that is IP65 rated and designed to work well in dusty or moist environments.

The CP-6825 offers these advantages that are not provided by the 6823:

●      A high resolution display

●      Backlit keypad keys

●      Bluetooth LE 4.1 for headsets

●      An emergency button for inter-network notifications

Note:      Not all call control systems support single cell and multi-cell. Check with your call control provider about whether they support the different deployment models offered in this data sheet.

Cisco Cordless phone
Cisco CP-6825-3PC-BUN-NA Cisco IP DECT Bndl Hdst

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